User Policy

  1. Any shoes including indoor use are not allowed in the studio
  2. You can enter the studio 10 min prior to your reservation time
  3. We do not accept a group of 1 women with several men to avoid any trouble
  4. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside of the studio. Please use the patio on the second floor for smoking.
  5. Anything which is contrary to public order or morality is strictly prohibited.
  6. Please do not drag any luggage or photographic equipments in the studio to protect tatami mat.
  7. Photo shooting outside of studio is not allowed.
  8. Studio is located in a residential area; please do not make loud noise.
  9. Staff will be in the staff office all the time
  10. Staff may use the main entrance, hall way, and rest room.
  11. Anything sticky substances such as duct tape, nail, screw are not allowed to use in the studio
  12. Please be careful with the interior glass and sliding screen in the studio when you use. They are fragile.
  13. You can only eat and drink in the dressing room on 1st floor. Please bring back your trash with you.
  14. Please refrain from drinking alcoholic drinks.
  15. Please do not go outside with your costume on.
  16. Using water/ fire is strictly prohibited in the studio
  17. Please do not use fake blood
  18. Do not drag any furniture or sliding screen when you move them. Please feel free to use photography prop provided but please put them back where they belong when you finish using.
  19. We will ask compensation for any damages to the studio, interior, photography prop.
  20. Studio equipment, interior, and photography prop may change without notice.
  21. Please leave the studio within your reservation time. If you pass the finishing time, we ask for time extension fee.
  22. There is no studio staff assistance.
  23. There is no parking for car or bicycle at the studio. Please use the public parking.
  24. We will ask your signature on an agreement when you come in to the studio.
  25. Please read cancellation policy if you request for a plan change
  26. Please kindly ask staff for time extension availability
  27. We take only 1 reservation from the same group for preventing monopoly of using studio.
  28. We do not take tentative reservation. But For commercial use, please ask staff.
  29. Staff will check the studio when you leave.
  30. If you are holding photo session event that charges fee will be considered as a commercial use.
  31. Photo shoot for website or other media using model or products will be considered as a commercial use and will be registered as a company.
  32. Photo shoot of artist, advertisements, commercial, or contests are considered as a commercial use.
  33. If we made a judgment that photo shoot is a purpose of commercial use, but the reservation was under regular photo shoot plan, it will be considered violating our rule. Fine will be 3times the regular price.
  34. We do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss, fire, or accident causing injury or death.
  35. Where there is a night time plan reservation, daytime plan cannot be extended.
  36. We can take night time plan reservation only when the daytime reservation is until 6:00pm.
  37. Studio is located in residential area, night plan users are kindly asked not to make any loud noises. Staff may advice you on the noise.


  38. *If we find any violation of rules or users failing to follow the instructions from staff, we have right to cancel your reservation on that day. In that case, please note that we do not refund payment.

    *If you are late for 1 hour from your reservation time, your reservation may be cancelled. Please call us for your late arrival.
    *If you are planning to leave before 6:00pm, please kindly notice staff about it at your reservation. We may not meet your request without notification.


  1. Please sign your signature on the agreement and bring identification of the representative person. (ID that your name and your address are indicated such as drivers license, health insurance card, student card, is required)
  2. Please make payment on the day before photo shoot starts.
  3. We do not issue a receipt under enterprise if your plan is not commercial use. We can issue a note that indicated private use upon request.


  1. There will be a cancellation fee involved depending on the cancellation day.
  2. There will be a cancellation fee involved with changing date/plan.

    Cancellation Fee Fee for changes
     Before 14-8days 30% 0%
     Before 7-4days 50% 0%
     Before 3days 70% 50%
     Before 2days and on the day 100% 100%
  3. 3. If you have any question, please kindly contact us from Inquiry Form




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